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At Tri-County Services, we maintain our high quality standards by performing regular inspections of your property. Our staff has over 75 years combined experience in all aspects of property maintenance. We give attention to detail. We take care to service and sweep areas that are often ignored by other companies.

No matter what your sweeping and cleaning needs, our fleet of sweepers and qualified personnel can do the job to perfection, including unforeseen emergencies.

Since we perform our own in-house maintenance, we can assure that our machinery is always in excellent working condition, and ready to service your every need.

Today, we can say without reservation, that no matter what your sweeping needs, you can count on each and every member of Tri-County's team to get the job done for you.

If you have a need that involves sweeping or maintenance, please call the team at Tri-County today!

Why Tri-County?

We understand that a Property Manager's time is extremely valuable. As a single source operator with years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, we decrease run-around and frustration because you can spend less time arranging and following up on maintenance issues.
Our employees have years of experience; we can offer you the most cost-effective solutions to your cleaning and scheduled maintenance issues.
We emphasize close personal communication with our clients and encourage our managers to take ownership of their facilities in order to ensure total client satisfaction.
Our technicians use a detailed checklist for cleaning and maintenance projects. To ensure cleaning meets client expectations we use regular and unscheduled 3rd party inspections as well as client-completed surveys and evaluations.
The condition of any lamps, ballasts, lenses etc. that are replaced or repaired are noted in in written follow-up report to help you maximize the life of your equipment.
Safety is our priority. All our employees are covered by Workers' Compensation insurance and our vehicles are covered by general liability and vehicle insurance.
We provide customized contracts to meet the specific needs of each customer and each facility.
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Tri-County Services is on the job 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep your facility looking its best! Tri-County keeps Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie area retail centers looking fresh and new by providing a full range of property maintenance services as well as daily and weekly cleaning.

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